If you are a gaming enthusiast, you likely understand the importance of having a high-performance graphics card. Graphics card plays a crucial role in providing sharp and clear visuals that enhance your gaming experience. However, as newer games emerge with higher visual requirements, you may find that your graphics card’s performance is no longer enough to support your games.

If you own an Acer Nitro 5 laptop, you may be wondering whether it is possible to upgrade its graphics card to enjoy advanced gaming experience. Well, in this article, we will dive deep into this subject and find out whether you can replace your graphics card and how easily it can be done. So, let’s jump right in!

What is a graphics card?

A graphics card or GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) is a specialized hardware component responsible for rendering and displaying visual content on a computer. It is an essential component in modern computers and gaming devices, and plays a significant role in providing an optimized computing experience.

Think of a graphics card as an artist in a painting session. Just as an artist uses a canvas to create art, a GPU uses a computer screen to render images and videos. The GPU takes the digital data from the CPU, and converts it into visual information that displays on your computer screen.

The role of a graphics card in a computer is essential for gamers and graphic designers who require high-quality imagery and performance. The GPU can accelerate specific tasks that the CPU cannot handle alone, making it a necessary component of high-end computers. It also reduces the workload on the CPU, ensuring that the computer runs smoothly even when multiple applications are running.
Now that we know what a graphics card is let’s dive into whether it is possible to change the graphics card in an Acer Nitro 5.

Can you change the graphics card in an Acer Nitro 5?

Upgrading a graphics card in a laptop can be a tricky task to accomplish. Laptops are designed with specific hardware in mind, and graphics cards can vary in their sizes and compatibility with different laptop models. When it comes to changing the graphics card in an Acer Nitro 5, there are certain limitations and compatibility issues to keep in mind.

Firstly, not all laptops have a removable graphics card. In some cases, the graphics card is soldered onto the laptop’s motherboard, making it impossible to replace. When it comes to the Acer Nitro 5, fortunately, it has a removable graphics card. However, compatibility is still an issue as different laptops have different requirements for their hardware.

The Acer Nitro 5 currently supports NVIDIA GTX 1650 and 1660 Ti graphics cards. If you intend to upgrade to a more powerful graphics card, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your laptop and that it fits correctly. Installing a graphics card that is not compatible with your laptop can result in system instability and could potentially damage your laptop’s hardware.

Another potential risk involved in changing a graphics card is damage to your laptop during the installation process. Installing a graphics card can be a difficult task and requires some technical skill. If you are not careful during the installation process, you could potentially damage your laptop’s hardware or even the graphics card itself.

Despite the challenges, upgrading a graphics card can significantly improve the performance of your laptop. A better graphics card allows you to play more demanding games, run more intensive software, and improves overall system performance. If you are someone who needs to run applications that require a high-performance graphics card, upgrading may be a good choice for you.

How to change the graphics card in an Acer Nitro 5?

Are you ready to upgrade your Acer Nitro 5 graphics card? Great! First, let’s gather the necessary tools you will need. You’ll want to have a screwdriver set with a small Philips head and an anti-static wrist strap to protect your device from static discharge.
Before you begin, make sure your laptop is turned off and unplugged. Once you’re ready, follow these simple steps:

  1. Flip over your Acer Nitro 5 and remove the battery. You can do this by sliding the two tabs, one on each side of the battery, away from the battery until they click.
  2. Locate the screw securing the back panel of your laptop next to where the battery was. Unscrew it completely and put it aside.
  3. Gently remove the back panel by sliding it in the direction of the locked symbol. It may require a bit of force to come off, but don’t worry — it’s designed to be taken off.
  4. Once you have access to the inside of the laptop, locate the graphics card. You can find the graphics card by looking for the component that has a fan attached to it.
  5. Remove the screws securing the graphics card to its slot. Then, gently slide it out of the slot.
  6. Now, place the new graphics card in the slot and secure it with screws.
  7. Reattach the back panel and battery.
  8. Finally, turn on your Acer Nitro 5 and update the drivers for your new graphics card.

Now, to optimize your new graphics card’s performance, make sure you’re running the latest version of your operating system and your games. You may also want to adjust your graphics settings to find that sweet spot between performance and visual quality.
Remember, if you run into any issues during the upgrade process, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. It’s always better to seek help than to potentially damage your device.


In conclusion, upgrading the graphics card can significantly enhance your gaming experience on the Acer Nitro 5. With its easy-to-access hardware, changing the graphics card is possible, but it requires technical know-how and careful consideration of compatibility.
By understanding what a graphics card is, determining if the Acer Nitro 5 allows for upgrades, and following the necessary steps, you can change your graphics card and enjoy better visuals in your games.

Remember that upgrading your graphics card is not the only factor to consider when optimizing performance. Other hardware components and software settings also play a significant role in determining your gaming experience.

In the end, deciding whether to upgrade your graphics card or not ultimately depends on your budget, computing needs, and gaming preferences. So, think carefully before making any changes and always seek professional help when needed. happy gaming!

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